Radio reaches 93% of all Consumers every week!

Americans are big fans of Radio! Despite increasing demands on our time from all quarters — and despite ever-expanding media choices — an impressive 93 percent of all Americans age 12 and older tune in to Radio for information, entertainment or discussion over the course of each and every week! 
Exposure to radio advertising boosts brand browsing by 52%

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Contact Information:

(517)787-9546 Office Line
(517) 787-7517 Fax Number

(517) 768-4448 Studio Line

1700 Glenshire Dr  Jackson MI 49201


Vice-President Sales/Marketing Sue Goldsen
Local Sales Manager
Jamie Konieczki  -

Marketing Consultants: 

Scott Clow

Michele Conaway

Doug Hanson

Karla Hard

Lynn Overton-

Steve Ferency-

Special Event, Promotions and Web Specialist
Shannon Hennessy

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