Morning Fun

We are welcoming another week of fun with the Big Dog and Corrina!

Apparently there is supposed to be a polar vortex of some kind this week, taking us down to the very chilly temperatures of the mid 60′s!!!! AHHHH!  The HORROR!  Just some perspective:  Remember on the first 40 degree day, we Michiganders were outside wearing shorts and t-shirts just a few months ago? I think we can handle mid-60s. Really. But, if you think the world is coming to an end, and you must run to your zombie apocalypse shelters, just remember to take your crossbow along and always double tap.

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Thanks for tuning in for STUMP THE CHUMPS on Tuesday morning! Everyone is a winner! you get a chicken dinner, and YOU get a chicken dinner and YOU get a chicken dinner!  Everyone who played, whether they went home with the grand prize or not got a ticket to the 61st Annual Chicken Broil in Manchester!

Check it out here:





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