‘In Their Own Words’ Begins Saturday

Larry Martin’s “In Their Own Words”, featuring interviews with World War II veterans begins Saturday August 4th. The first of four programs starts at 10am at First United Methodist Church.  “(10 o’clock) I start showing a DVD interview that I’ve done with these men as early as 2006 and the last I did was 2015.” Martin said.

Martin suggests that you arrive early, about a half-hour or so because he places out a lot of memorabilia from the era. Weapons, periodicals, photos, and more will be on display. He said that he’s enjoyed WWII history since he was a child, and in 1999 when Martin was in his 50s, he met a veteran and began to learn about his experiences. Since then, he’s been conducting interviews with veterans, some 95% American men and women. He also has interviews with German soldiers, and a unique conversation with a Russian soldier who was involved in a singular battle. In this particular battle, Russia lost more soldiers than the United States, England, and Australia lost in the entire war.

The four-part series will all be held at First United Methodist Church, 275 W. Michigan Ave, across from the Carnegie Library branch. All four of the events begin at 10am:

August 4th

September 8th

October 6th

November 3rd

For more information on Larry Martin and the “In Their Own Words” project, visit his website.