Brown’s Advance Care Talks Valsartan Recall

Valsartan, a blood pressure medication is still under recall, and we addressed that with Austin Brown from Brown’s Advanced Care Pharmacy.

“The FDA and a lot of the manufacturers have been doing recalls on that over the last couple of weeks. So if you do take a Valsartan product, the first thing that I would do is go to the pharmacy that prescribes it for you and ask them about the recall, and look to see if the brand that is dispensed is on the recall list.” Brown said.

Brown also pointed out that a full list of drug recalls are available on the FDA’s website.

If you do take a Valsartan product, there are alternatives for you. “We can get you on a different manufacturer of that drug if the doctor wants you to remain on that drug because you’re doing well on it,” Brown said. “If you want to make a switch, that’s a talk with the physician; there are other drugs that are similar to Valsartan that work the same way. The pharmacies will be able to know, ‘yes you did get one of the recalled products, let’s have a chat’ or ‘no you did not, keep taking it, you’ll be totally fine.'”