Custom Framing Has Come A Long Way

Aimee Bozinoff owns I’ve Been Framed Custom Framing.

You can’t miss her purple building on the corner of Wisner and North Streets, and they offer all types of framing. “We have different levels of framing to choose from. We can do a full custom frame from picking the matting, the frame, glass, the whole shebang. You come in, we work with you until you are absolutely satisfied with everything that you’ve chosen.” Bozinoff said.

Frames have come a long way from wood around a piece of glass. Now, preserving what’s inside forever has become the goal. Bozinoff said, “When I started in custom framing, preservation framing was thing; but now it’s the thing” she said, “We have acid-free products that will keep your artwork from turning brittle. The products we use now have either been through a process of what’s called ‘buffering’ that takes the acid out, or they’re cotton based. They’re naturally acid-free. We’re preserving your artwork so that in 10-15 years, that beautiful photograph isn’t disintegrating inside of your frame, or faded to pinks and purples and greys.”

You can find I’ve Been Framed on the web, or at 866 North Wisner Street.