Jackson College Board Meeting Tonight

The Jackson College Board Meeting tonight will be held at JC’s Adrian Campus, next to the Lenawee County ISD Career Center facility.

The Jackson College Board attempts to hold at least one board meeting yearly at all the of the JC Campuses. Jackson College President Dan Phelan said about the Adrian Campus, “Our campus is side-by-side, physically juxtaposed to the ISD/Career Center down there. That has been a great partnership over the years. We’re able to share facilities and share instructional equipment.”

President Phelan said that there are quite a few students that utilize their facilities in Adrian to obtain their degrees. “At our high point we had over 1,000 students. It kind of moves back and forth around 600-700 students per semester down there; some part-time some full-time. We have the essential programming, you can actually receive your full degree down there,” Phelan said.