Mayor Dobies Talks About DDA Future

As reported earlier, Nathan Mack resigned as Executive Director of the Downtown Development Authority.

Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies joined WKHM and said that the executive team of the DDA will be looking for “Someone that can take over the roles and responsibilities over there, and really be an advocate for downtown; and also an advocate for more economic development. Reaching out to the business community, working with some of the collaborative partners,” Dobies said.

“We have a lot of really cool, interesting projects that we’re working on downtown,” he continued. He hopes to see a new director be more involved with the current projects and be more hands-on with retention and attraction of business. An economic driver, and not solely an event planner. “A little bit less away from just putting on events downtown, I think that’s something we can continue to do, but I think that’s something that other community and city organization can do, and are doing.”