Father’s Day is Sunday, June 21, 2020

We all know a dad who has passed along some pearls of wisdom in their day… or maybe just something funny you’ll never forget.

We want to hear the best Dad Quotes you’ve heard from now until Father’s Day, which will be displayed online at K1053.com along with a picture of each Dad that gets submitted.

At the end, we’ll pick our favorite Dad Quote to win a prize package for your Dad as our way of saying Happy Father’s Day!

Entry period: May 15 – June 17

  • By submitting this information you agree that you have permission from the person pictured

Hershell P.

“Fake it to make it in life” Tweet Share Reddit +1 Pocket LinkedIn...
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Bob S.

“MATSEEE VEIN-YA, BaBa bees see-sa Vah!” *places a cooking pot on his head and proceeds to dance and caper around the kitchen* -more unintelligible,...
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Ralph S.

Shut the door, were you born in a barn? Tweet Share Reddit +1 Pocket LinkedIn...
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Jeremy V.

“When’s the last time you checked your oil” My dads been a mechanic longer than I’ve been alive he’s always working on different vehicles....
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Robert S.

While my brother played college football we traveled almost every weekend for games. Per dad “look for the water tower in town it will...
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Cory R.

As he coached our softball team he would always say to us as a joke “Just go out there and don’t suck” and it...
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