[Jackson, Michigan]

The Jackson County Health Department has identified two probable sites of Novel Coronavirus exposure in Jackson County:

  • Michigan High School Athletic Association Boys Basketball District Tournament Game at Concord High School Wednesday, March 11th
  • Home School Community Event held at Jackson Free Methodist Church located at 2829 Park Dr. in Vandercook on Wednesday, March 11th

The Health Department advises anyone who attended either of the events above or who has had close contact for a prolonged period of time with someone who attended one of these events to be aware that they have been potentially exposed to novel coronavirus. Symptoms typically show up 2-14 days after exposure. Exposure could have occurred at the event or several days later with close contact to someone who attended the event. Please notify your contacts of potential exposure. The Health Department advises that exposure does not mean that you need to be tested, even if you do have symptoms, but you should stay home if you are feeling ill.

If you or a close contact have symptoms listed below, that person should isolate themselves from others in the house as much as possible. If you attended either of these events and have had symptoms, call the Jackson County Health Department at 517-788-4420, option 9 and leave a message.

The most common COVID-19 symptoms include fever, cough, and/or shortness of breath. Other less common symptoms are losing your sense of taste or smell, headaches, and stomach or intestinal issues.

Due to the limited resources available for testing, testing will be prioritized according to the latest CDC guidelines. If your symptoms worsen to the point of needing emergency medical care, call 911 and notify the dispatcher of your symptoms.

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