Denise Owens has probably heard it all about the piles of dirt that sit where Ferris Wheels are scheduled to turn and food trucks are set to sell their midway fares in August.

Owens was completely confident that this year’s fair will put it’s “best face forward” at the new-look Keeley Park. “I can assure you that we are actually on track with the construction at the fairgrounds. With a lot of infrastructure done, it seems like its a big mess; actually, people are going to drive by and with one day,  when the asphalt goes down it’s going to all come together,” Owens said.

“All of our construction workers, all of our contractors are all about the fair,” she continued. Work continues constantly at the park, and the county has also been working diligently to keep people up to date on the project. They even have a video on YouTube (that you can watch below) that shows what people can expect.

As for Owens, she’s adament that there’s only one place for the Fair, and that is the same location it has been held at for generations, Keeley Park. “The fair is going to happen August 4 through the 10th. I’ve got great shows in the grandstands. The only thing I can tell people they won’t see is there isn’t going to be a lot of trees, just because of the time. Everything else is right on track, and I don’t want anyone to think that they’re going to go anywhere else except 200 West Ganson Street to see the Jackson County Fair.”

For more information on the fair, visit their website.

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