Lee Hampton, Chief Diversity Officer at Jackson College, joined WKHM to extol the virtues of starting your college career at Jackson College.

Hampton said there’s little difference in your freshman level courses. “Once you’re taking those transfer courses, those courses are just as rigorous as you would take as a freshman at Ferris State, or Wayne State, or Michigan, or Michigan State, so the quality of community college, there’s no drop-off at all,” Hampton said.

Lee also said that there were three benefits to community college versus a ‘traditional’ four-year university. So what are the three keys? Hampton laid them out for us:

“One you save a boat load of money, and don’t have a huge, sometimes six-figure debt, getting out of school. Number two, class sizes and the intimacy of the educational experience; and number three is the quality of the academic opportunities. The faculty, the curriculum is right there with any four-year school,” Hampton noted. He also said that Jackson College comes with some added perks. “Lastly, just Jackson College, it provides a four-year feel. With housing, athletics, co-curricular opportunities, beautiful campus, park-type campus, so we strongly would encourage anyone that has a child or any young person, middle-aged, or older that’s weighing ‘do I go to a four-year directly, or do I stop at my own local community college for a couple years, save a bunch of money and get a great education.”

For more information on Jackson College, call 787-0800.

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