Shape Up Jackson kicks off January 25th!!

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

  • Contestants will be split into smaller groups – each group will have separate weigh-in and workout times to alleviate stress on the YMCA’s capacity
  • Contestants will have the option to complete their weekly weigh-ins at home instead of physically coming to the Y
  • Learn more about the health & safety precautions the Jackson YMCA is taking to keep their members safe!

Introducing this year’s 50 contestants:

First Name Last Name
Lindsay Adams
Lynann Bacon
Nathan Baker
Sydney Boulter
Laura Brand-Bauer
Rayanna Brown
Melissa Caulkins
James Charles
Jeff Chase
Karen Clouse
Maria Davis
Deanna Dillon
Emily Farrell-Rashed
Mary Foster
annette French
Carrie Gagnon
Selene Gamez
Jane Geniesse
Emily Grajek
Chris Gregurich
Ryanne Gumbert
Christine Hammond
Benjamin Harris
Denise Johnson
Raven Kunesh
Emilee Losey
Heather Macklin
Ryan McKelvey
Anna Moffitt
Jennifer Moore
Brittany Nelson
Kim Paquin
Amy Puente
Chelsea Ramey
Sue Renfer
Tony Rich
jennifer shaw
Jennifer Simon
Emily Sisk
Karrie Sisk
Jake Sisk
Sarah Stapley
Sabrina Stitt
Labrina Swain
Bianca Thayer
Shiela VanOver
Kalinda Vogel
Sharon Wisniewski
Mary Wright

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