Mark your calendars in July for Rockin’ The Hills!

Cindy Hubbell from the Brooklyn/Irish Hills Chamber joined GOC to talk about the event. “Rockin’ the Hills is in it’s 7th year. Saturday July 13 from 4 to 9pm,” Hubbell said. “We do this down in the Manitou Beach Village on Devil’s Lake. We have over 40 booths that have craft beer, wine, cider; and of course live entertainment because we’re rockin’ the hills.”

It is an affordable event, with a lot of options as well. “It’s $30 at the door, and $25 presale, and you receive 10 tasting tokens. Ten is plenty because there’s a lot of beer to choose from.”

“It’s all Michigan craft beers, and wineries,” Hubbell added.

For more info on the event, call 517-592-8907.

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