During this holiday weekend and other summer celebrations with family or friends, the Jackson County Health Department has issued a reminder to protect yourself and loved ones by practicing safe steps to reduce the chances of getting or spreading COVID-19. The Health Department states that the health, economic, and social harms of the COVID-19 pandemic remain widespread and severe.

Jackson County numbers are continuing to slowly increase, with a current cumulative case count of 476 and 29 deaths in Jackson County. Full statistics can be seen on the Coronavirus page at the Health Department’s website here.

Suggested activities are those that pose a lower risk, allow for keeping six feet apart rather than standing close to one another, and gathering outside rather than indoors. If you must go indoors, the Health Department urges to make sure the area is clean and disinfected before and after the gathering. The latest Executive Order does allow for social gatherings of 50 people indoors and 250 people outdoors at this time with six feet of distance between individuals not from the same household.

Jackson residents are also reminded of general safety tips such as safe driving and fireworks safety, which can be viewed here: Fireworks Safety

Some suggested activities for this holiday season include:

  • If you plan to display fireworks in a safe area with family members, follow appropriate safety measures as indicated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Remember that your pets may not like fireworks and take care of their needs. See attached fireworks safety poster.
  • Go on a boat ride, canoe, or kayak trip. Remember only those in the same household should be in the same boat. It is difficult to practice social distancing in the confines of a boat.
  • Plan a community/ neighborhood parade with the kids decorating their bicycles and do not forget your pets. They want to have fun with you also.
  • Plan a party and practice safe habits and social distancing. There are many games you can still play that can include social distancing.
  • Have a contest. (sidewalk chalk drawing, facemask decorating, cookie decorating, etc.)
  • Have a family golf outing, walk, swim, or other fun family activity to just relax together
  • Come up with creative ideas of your own where you can celebrate with family and friends remotely or in-person in a safe manner.

The Jackson County Health Department has provided some tips for things to consider when planning a party:

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