Leoni Township, Michigan (WKHM, Greg O’Connor) — Leoni Township residents will get together Saturday for the 2024 “Spring to Clean Leoni” event. Volunteers will  meet at noon at the Leoni Township Park/Boat Launch on Fifth Street. Travis Page, key coordinator of the event, joined WKHM with more info:


Organizers are dedicating the day to the memory of Dawson Brown. He, along with Kole Sova and Richie Mays Jr. were killed in a carbon monoxide camping tragedy at the Faster Horses music festival at Michigan International Speedway in 2021. Their friends Rayfield Johnson and Kurtis Stitt spent days in the hospital in critical condition. They have since fully recovered — physically.

Page told WKHM, three years later, the community remains very much affected:

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