JACKSON, Mich., Oct. 14, 2020 – To support not only a new Jackson YMCA facility but also the burgeoning downtown, Scott and Nicole McIntosh are donating $100,000 to the Y campaign for a contemporary new building in Jackson. Scott, the Vice President of Tax for Consumers Energy, also serves as a YMCA board member and chair of the capital campaign.

“We’re big fans of what’s going on downtown with the rebirth of Jackson, and we see the Y as being a catalyst for collaboration and positive change,” said Scott of the city’s new restaurants, housing and development projects. “I love the Y and the great things that are going on, but even bigger than that I see the new Y being a big part of the continued transformation downtown.”

In January, the Consumers Energy Foundation announced a matching capital campaign grant of up to $3 million. The McIntosh family gift counts toward that match, which is at over $2.2 million. The Jackson YMCA continues to progress in its fundraising efforts to replace its nearly 60-year-old building and has raised more than $18 million in contributions and pledges.

Scott joined the YMCA’s Board of Directors in 2018. Since then Nicole says they have learned more about the critical role the Y plays in Jackson. “Scott and I grew up here, and this is our family’s decision to invest in the community that has given us so much,” she said. “We sent our daughter to Y summer camp many years ago, and at the time that was I all knew of the Y. Through Scott’s volunteer work I’ve learned how many families the Y touches and how vital it is that the Y stay downtown and serve the community.”

Jackson YMCA CEO Shawna Tello expressed her gratitude for not only the significant capital investment but also the time the McIntosh family has devoted to the YMCA and Jackson.

“Scott has spent countless hours away from his family leading meetings and attending events, as well as finetuning strategy and drafting plans. Nicole has been so supportive from the very beginning, including hosting events for the campaign leadership team,” she said. “Scott’s entire family is truly vested in this project and committed to supporting him and our Y until our shared vision comes to fruition.”

Jackson Y Board President Matt Curfman of Richmond Brothers echoed that appreciation. ”Beyond personal resources, Scott and Nicole have both committed themselves to the success of this campaign for the Jackson community,” he said, “I am honored to work with Scott as well as the numerous other volunteers and donors who are selflessly collaborating to make this happen for Jackson.”

Scott added that the Y is a tremendous community resource, needed now more than ever. “In these very political times we are more divided than ever. There are few places left in our community that are truly ‘for all.’ Inclusivity and accessibility are at the heart of the Y’s mission and this project. I can’t think of a better thing to preserve and perpetuate than the Jackson YMCA.”

For more information, visit www.JacksonYMCA.org.

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