In a press release, the Jackson Community Food Pantry indicated the reason for their abrupt June 19 closing, the remediation plans, and a massive food giveaway for those in need.

An accident in which 200 pounds of chicken were left laying on the floor thawing caused a partial contamination of the building, the release stated. Since the time of the closing, the pantry, along with a remediation team and their insurance company have been working on coordinating a plan to clean the facility.

On Monday, July 15th the process of cleanup will begin with the Patriot Property Restoration team. As such, all the food in the building must be removed to facilitate that cleanup effort. Starting at 11am on Monday, the pantry staff will be on hand to give away all the food remaining in the building. They will be handing out the food in the parking lot, which will be closed to vehicles. The food will be served on a first come, first serve basis, and those wanting food are asked to bring their own bags or boxes, and form a line. In the press release, Executive Director of the Pantry, Mark Smith, said, “Bring a smile, be nice, and thank you for your patience.”

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