As thousands of residents prepare to take part in an unofficial fall holiday, Michigan Gas Utilities (MGU) urges hunters to thoroughly inspect their shelter’s heating system as the state’s gun deer season begins tomorrow.

Inspecting a hunting cabin or shelter’s heating system can help avoid a buildup of carbon monoxide. This invisible, odorless gas is created by improper venting or burning of fuel, and can be fatal.

Carbon monoxide warning signs

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  • A sudden flu-like illness
  • Dizziness, headaches or sleepiness
  • Cherry-red lips and an unusually pale complexion
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • A fluttering heartbeat
  • Unconsciousness

Safety tips

To prevent a buildup of carbon monoxide, hunters should install carbon monoxide detectors inside their shelters, or check existing detectors to ensure they are working properly. Heating vents should be checked and cleared of any animal nests or debris.

Additionally, hunters who use a portable electric generator should always operate it outdoors to prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating indoors.

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