Thursday is the annual fundraiser for sponsored by Willis and Machnik Financial Services and Knights Steakhouse. This year, the Uncle Phil’s BBQ event is on pace to break the $200,000 mark for donations to various charities in the area.

“Our family has been very active in community events, and this is just one to add to the list. One of the best lunches going, one of the best fundraisers. We booked 50 sponsors; the sponsor pays $250 and 100% of the money we bring in go to charities. The charities include Junior Achievement, Lily Missions Center, and Jackson School of the Arts. We love enhancing all those programs, and they’re all focused on youth in the community.” said creator Phil Willis.

Connie Poisson, Executive Director of Junior Achievement is grateful to Uncle Phil. “I just want to say how grateful we have been to Phil and Uncle Phil’s. We promote it as being one of the best networking events in June. It’s amazing, and you’re going to meet someone that you want to know,” Poisson said. “Can you imagine how much that $200,000 has with youth programs? I know on the Junior Achievement side, it’s allowed us to do programming that we would never have been able to do before.”

The BBQ runs until 1:30pm today at 2545 Spring Arbor Road.

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