WKHM followed up with Mike Hirst following the groundbreaking at Andy’s Place on West Michigan Avenue.

Mike is especially proud of all the different supporters of the project, especially those in the political spectrum. “I always say ‘it’s just absolutely wonderful when we can get our elected officials to take the tips of their political swords and point them at the enemy of the American people and not each other’,” Hirst said.

Andy’s Place is housing for 50 people who are recovering from opioid dependence. Their rents are based on income, and to qualify, one must go through the drug court. “For people that are suffering, this is going to be a great place. This is a place, you have to go through the drug court, but what they do, they might send you to rehab, of course you spend a little time in jail, and then you’re pretty much on your own. You’re on probation out in the real world, going to your meetings and all that, and you’re not really ready for that. It takes a year and a half to two years to heal your brain from opioid dependency.”

Hirst says that when one falls down, there will be 49 others to help pick them up. “We’re trying to take every trigger away from them and put them in a safe environment.”


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