As previously reported, Tom Rooney is no longer in the Sewer and Drain Business.

Something had to give with running a sewer and drain business, a handyman company, and a bar; plus a new baby. “Nicole and I bought the Brass Rail 2 years ago,” Rooney said. “I had a handyman business, my sewer business, and the Brass Rail. Having a baby also a year and a half ago, it just was a lot. It was a chance to make a career change, and it was a good time.”

The restaurant has a bit of a new look, but not too new. “308 Brass Rail is doing well, it’s busy.” Rooney said that they’ve cleaned and updated, but there are some things about the Brass Rail that people will remember. “The space has been renovated to the point where it is updated and clean, the bathrooms are nice; but you still have the old look. The floors are still uneven just like the old times. The menu is still awesome.”

After 2 years in the bar business, what has Tom learned? “I’ve learned you never what’s going to happen and who’s going to walk through the door; and what’s going to happen with the staff. It’s less hectic than the sewer business”

308 Brass Rail is located at 308 Prospect Street.

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