Jackson College President Dan Phelan joined WKHM on the Jackson College Show to share an amazing example of student success.

“We are actually engaging in a new activity called ‘co-requisites’,” Phelan said. “We blend developmental education and college credit education. It actually means that we actually blend developmental education and college credit education. Students in mathematics in particular will take the college credit math class, and then hang on for another hour and work with faculty on developmental education.”

The program thus far with the mathematics department has shown tremendous improvement. “Students placed in developmental math had about an 18% chance of being able to eventually take a college-credit math class in two years. Due to the great efforts of our faculty, staff, and administration, we’ve been able to run that number up to 64% of our students,” he said.

“Among our peer group, we have moved from the very bottom to near the top of community colleges nationally. This is just one other way by which Jackson College is committed to student success.” Phelan reported. He continued to say that numerous other community colleges and universities have visited with Jackson College to see how their student success program functions and develop benchmarks from it.

For more information on Jackson College, visit their website.


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