State Rep Julie Alexander joined WKHM for her weekly update last Friday, and she has been noticing a trend, one that most are all too familiar with around their birthday.

“One of the most common concerns and complaints I have been getting lately, on a regular basis, the long waits in line at the Secretary of State in Jackson. People are so frustrated, and the calls just keep coming in,” Alexander said.

Representative Alexander tasked her staff with getting an appointment. They ran into issues with the Secretary of State’s intermittent phone issues, and a very long wait just to get in the door, much less waiting once you’re inside. “It was well over a week before you could get the next appointment,” Alexander said. “The long waits are so challenging.”

She understands that this not a task many like to do to begin with, so to exacerbate the problem with long line and wait times was, “Unacceptable. First of all, no one is excited to go the Secretary of State and give them some of your hard earned money. A grandmother called and said she was taking her granddaughter in for her very first driver’s training test and license. This grandmother said, ‘This is my granddaughter’s first understanding and experience with state government and we’re walking away with not a very good taste in our mouth.’”

If you live in District 64 and would like to discuss an issue with Representative Alexander, you can contact her office at 517-373-1795 or email

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